AWS & Aerospace – Career Guidance

AWS & Aerospace – Career Guidance

So, what does a welding career in aerospace look like?
In this field, the sky is most decidedly not the limit.

The term "aerospace industry" covers a wide range of disciplines and pursuing a welding career in this field could mean work on military defense craft, aircraft or even on spacecraft. This can be a challenging but rewarding career path, employing the most advanced technological procedures and demanding the highest standards in safety and integrity.

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Need career guidance?  AWS WeldLink can help.
In 2014 AWS launched a revolutionary workforce development tool – AWS WeldLink.  This career management system platform includes straightforward welding career pathways that are easy to understand, follow and pursue. Designed to imitate familiar features found in a LinkedIn profile, AWS WeldLink draws from an extensive digital badge system of defined knowledge, skills, education and AWS membership levels to match an individual with job opportunities, training and guidance.

We've provided the foundation; now it's your move.

Create a profile on AWS WeldLink and take the next step in your career.


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