Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Technical Activities Committee Rules of Operation
This document explains how technical committees function within the AWS standards program. These rules are accredited by ANSI and must be strictly followed by committees, committee members and AWS staff. The rules explain the process by which standards are initiated, reviewed, revised and ultimately approved. It also explains the operations of technical committees including election of officers, officer term limits, appointment of members, responsibilities of members, appeals, meeting procedures and more.

Technical Activities Committee Policy Manual
This document lists all active policies of the Technical Activities Committee. These policies augment the Rules of Operation and cover topics such as conferences, publicity, terms and definitions and more.

SpecBuilder Procedures for an AWS Volunteer
These procedures serve as instruction on how to use SpecBuilder, the online balloting and draft review platform for use by an AWS volunteer.

Specification for the Preparation of American Welding Society Draft Standards
Style Manual for AWS Published Standards
These documents explain how AWS draft standards shall be prepared and provide the style guidelines of AWS published standards. The Specification lists essential and optional components of AWS standards, establishes a structure and organization of draft content, minimum resolution requirements for submitted figures or photos, and other items. The Style Manual outlines the format and style requirements of AWS published standards. The purpose of these documents is to establish uniformity within the appearance, structure, organization and quality of AWS standards.

Policy on Authority to Speak or Act for the American Welding Society
Policy for American Welding Society Written Communications
These policies apply to all AWS members, individuals serving on AWS committees including technical committees and AWS staff. Any statement or position supported and sanctioned by AWS as a society must go through the proper authorization. No single individual, regardless of their position or office within AWS, has the authority to make a statement on behalf of the society.

Code of Conduct for AWS Technical Committee Members
AWS technical committees are at the core of AWS’s mission to be the leading professional society in the area of welding and joining. Further, the dedication of members of AWS technical committees is vital to the continuing work and productivity of the committees and to the viability and relevance of AWS itself. It is therefore necessary that AWS technical committees function in an atmosphere of openness, cooperation and efficiency. Accordingly, AWS’s technical committees have adopted a code of conduct.

AWS Intellectual Property Policy
Ownership and use of AWS's Intellectual Property is vital to the ability of AWS to fulfill its mission. AWS owns and maintains the rights to its Intellectual Property; it is the responsibility of AWS's Board of Directors, staff, members, and others who participate in the creation of AWS IP to protect these valuable assets and ensure that they are used in accordance with this policy. Participation on an AWS committee constitutes agreement to transfer and assign any and all interest you possess or may possess, including copyright, in the development or creation of AWS standards or AWS Intellectual Property to AWS.

AWS Technical Activities Antitrust Policy