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Craft and Teach Your Own AWS Course

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The American Welding Society (AWS) seeks experienced professionals to lead our training programs. With an audience ranging from industry professionals to aspiring welders, your expertise can drive both in-person and online educational experiences. Join us and play a pivotal role in advancing welding knowledge and skills worldwide.

Arc welding students 3.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AWS seeking in instructors for their seminars and webinars?

    AWS is always on the lookout for experienced professionals, either from the industry or academic backgrounds, to propose and lead both classroom seminars and online webinars.

  • What responsibilities do classroom instructors have?

    Instructors are tasked with:

    • Developing course outlines, class notes, activities, practice questions, case studies, and presentation materials.
    • Leading the seminar on pre-agreed dates.
  • How about online instructors? What do they oversee?

    Online instructors are responsible for:

    • Creating course outlines, class notes, activities, practice sets, case studies, and presentation aids.
    • Instructing as per the mutually agreed-upon schedule.
  • How does AWS evaluate and support the seminars and webinars?
    • All seminars and webinars undergo a peer review by AWS's subject matter experts. If feedback or suggestions arise, our instructional team collaborates with the instructor for refinements.
    • AWS manages all course administration, including scheduling, promotion, registration, and evaluations.
  • What are the compensation details for instructors?
    • Classroom instructors receive a daily fee during their seminars and have travel expenses reimbursed.
    • Online instructors are compensated per webinar delivery and can instruct from their home or office. No travel is needed.
  • What technical requirements exist for online webinars?

    AWS webinars use a web conferencing tool. Instructors are given an orientation on the tool usage and should have a stable internet connection, typically from a home or office PC.

  • Are instructors responsible for their course materials?

    Yes. Instructors should develop all necessary support materials and obtain permissions for copyrighted content. AWS assists in material distribution for classroom settings and makes online materials accessible to participants.

  • What qualifications are necessary to become an AWS instructor?

    Instructors should possess:

    • A minimum of ten years of experience in the engineering field or academia.
    • At least one year (or its equivalent) of experience in teaching adults.
    • The capability to create high-quality courses and utilize a range of training aids and instructional methods.
    • An aptitude for working in an applications-oriented, adult learning setting.
    • An ability to contextualize subject matter to a participant's work experience.
  • I'm interested in teaching for AWS. How can I start?

    Begin your journey with us by filling out the AWS Training Proposal Form.