IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Candidates applying for a certification exam, retaking an exam, renewal, or recertification

  • To streamline the application process, please prepare all of the required application documentation prior to starting the application submission process.
  • Based on the specific Certification application (Initial, Retaking an Exam or Renewal/Recertification), specific application information will be required as listed below.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Please do not proceed with creating an application until you have ALL documentation digitally available for upload.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: File size for each document upload cannot exceed 5.12 MB (or 5120 Kilobytes).

Please be aware that the only acceptable payment methods available through the portal are credit card and ACH (Automated Clearing House Payment Method)


Proof of Identity (Required in PDF) − Upload a copy of an official government passport or national ID (e.g., driver’s license).
Proof of ID id only required if testing.
ADA (when applicable) − Download and complete the ADA Disability Accommodations form. Candidates will be required to upload this form in PDF format during the application process if requesting special accommodations.
Retest Opportunity − Candidates are permitted to take up to three (3) retests within three (3) years of the original exam date. Applicants may take the first retest(s) of the failed segment(s) without additional training. Any additional retests (2nd or 3rd retests) shall require documented evidence of additional training – 16 hours for a 1-part or 2-part retest; 40 hours for 3-part retest.