Certified Welding Supervisor In-Person Seminar


The Certified Welding Supervisor seminar was developed to teach individuals the mastery that welding supervisors must be capable of demonstrating.

This 5-day course focuses on the knowledge a supervisor needs to support improvement of the welders environment, productivity, throughput, weld quality and safety.

Participants will learn the science of welding to better control variables in the welding process. This seminar focuses on the economics of welding and is designed to enhance the profit margins of welding fabrication companies.


Course Packages



This package does not include the exam.

Member $1,480
Non-Member $1,571

Seminar | Exam

Expert instructors to prepare you to take the exam.

Member $1,990
Non-Member $2,081

Course details

  • Who Should Attend
  • Objectives
  • Materials Provided
  • What To Expect
  • Student Learning Outcomes

Anyone interested in becoming an AWS Certified Welding Supervisor and meets the exam eligibility requirements established in AWS QC13 and AWS B5.9.  

  • The student body may encompass many positions, including: 
    • Welding Supervisors 
    • Foremen 
    • Line Leaders 
    • Lead Welders 
    • Engineers or anyone involved in the design drawings 
    • Purchasing personnel 
    • Drawing preparation personnel, or detailers 
    • Corporate Welding Instructors 
    • Personnel involved in bidding or quoting work in the welding fabrication operation

The objective of this seminar is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills need to confidently tackle the AWS Certified Welding Supervisor exam.

Certified Welding Supervisor Seminar attendees receive:  

This 5-Day seminar takes place Monday through Friday and runs from 8 am to 5 pm each day. Throughout these days, the following topics informed by the CWS exam body of knowledge will be covered: 

  • Total Welding Management 
  • Welding Training 
  • Productivity and Quality Improvement 
  • Welding and Cutting Process 
  • Quality Standards and Inspection 
  • Welding Health and Safety 
  • Base and Filler Metals 
  • Auditing, Monitoring and Reporting 
  • Welding Codes and Standards 
  • Personnel Management 
  • Welding Preparation and Fabrication 
  • Quality Management and Quality Control Requirement 


Upon completion of this seminar, students will be able to: 

  1. Increase welding productivity 
  2. Improve welding processes and production 
  3. Explain the keys to cost-effective welding 
  4. Improve throughput, weld quality and safety 
  5. Improve your welders’ environment 
  6. Add value to your business and increase your professional development 
  7. Demonstrate key supervisory and process control management skills 
  8. Increase productivity through efficient use of welding resources, cost reductions, and open communication 
  9. Explain factors that directly affect your company’s bottom line 
  10. Increase their value to their employer






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