Certified Welding Inspector Part B In-Person Seminar/Exam


Earning your Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) credential is serious work and has a significant impact on your future. Some customers feel that not enough time is spent on preparing for the Part B portion of the CWI exam.

The CWI Part B Seminar consists of three full days of expert instruction that helps prepare candidates for the practical portion of the CWI exam. This includes a review of the Book of Specifications, analysis and application of WPSs and PQRs, extensive hands-on learning with inspection tools and high-quality plastic weld replicas, and a full-length, timed practice examination.

Through a combination of industrial and educational expertise, Education and Training through AWS provides the most realistic, engaging, and effective test-prep solutions for career success.

The AWS CWI Part B Training & Exam puts you on the track to success, offering: 

  • Industry expert instructors with the knowledge to prepare you to take Part B of the exam. 
  • Guided instruction material, including homework, that helps take the mystery out of visual inspection. 
  • Replica weld specimens (pipe, T-joint, bend test, and groove plate) to prepare you for the hands-on portion of the exam. 
  • An AWS Welding Inspector’s Toolkit to keep as your own ($289.50 value). 


Course Packages



Guided instruction material that helps take the mystery out of visual inspection.

Length 3 days
Member $1,055
Non-Member $1,150

Training | Exam

Expert instructors to prepare you
to take Part B of the exam.

Length 4 days
Non-Member $2,145

course details

  • Who Should Attend
  • Objectives
  • Materials Provided
  • What To Expect
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Anyone interested in becoming an AWS Certified Welding Inspector and meets the exam eligibility requirements established in AWS QC1 and AWS B5.1.
  • Anyone who has taken the CWI exam, but requires a Part B retake.
    • This student body may encompass many positions, including:
      • Welders
      • Welding engineers
      • Welding supervisors
      • Welding educators

The objective of this seminar is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills need to confidently tackle Part B of the AWS Certified Welding Inspector exam. Successful completion of this exam yields inspectors who have proven their ability to perform high-quality welding inspections, uphold industry standards, and contribute to the safety and reliability of welded products and structures.

The following books, printed materials, and toolkit will be provided to you at your seminar:

  • B1.10:2016 – Guide for the Nondestructive Examination of Welds
  • Book of Specifications
  • Book of Exhibits
  • Part B Assignments Booklet
  • Visual Inspection Toolkit

The seminar will take place Wednesday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The instructor will dedicate all three days to teaching attendees how to utilize the provided the visual inspection toolkit to measure discontinuities found on replica sets and review the Book of Exhibits and Book of Specifications to determine their acceptability and answer provided sample questions.

The CWI Part B exam is typically held on the Saturday or Sunday following the selected seminar week and takes place at the same location.

Sign-in for applicants begins at 7:30 am, and testing begins promptly at 8:00 am.

Examinees are required to present a valid drivers license or passport and a copy their confirmation letter in order to gain entrance into the examination room.

Upon completion of this seminar, students will be able to:

  1. Navigate codes and standards to find salient information.
  2. Perform visual inspections of welds.
  3. Identify common welding discontinuities.
  4. Determine discontinuity acceptability using acceptance criteria and tolerances.
  5. Skillfully use visual inspection tools.
  6. Explain the process of qualifying welding procedures and performance qualifications.






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