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Certified Radiographic Interpreter

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Interpreting radiographs involves more than staring into a light box and making a “judgment call.” The radiographic interpreter must determine whether the radiograph has been exposed properly, whether the image quality indicators have been correctly chosen in accordance with code requirements, and which specific acceptance criteria are applicable under the governing code. Failure to do any of these tasks can put your product, your company’s reputation, or your job at risk.

The five-day AWS Certified Radiographic Interpreter (CRI) Seminar is designed to ensure that individuals have the knowledge to properly assess indications produced on radiographic media of weldments or adjacent base metal. It will prepare you for the CRI Certification exam, which is given at the end of each seminar week. If your job responsibilities include reading and interpreting weld radiographs, this program is for you. You’ll learn proper film exposure, correct selection of IQIs, characterization of indications, and use of acceptance criteria, as expressed in the AWS, API, and ASME codes. 


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Course Packages



This registration option does not include an exam.

Length 5 days
Member $1,585
Non-member $1,850

Seminar | Exam

Certifies the ability to properly assess indications on radiographic film.

Length 6 days
Member $2,055
Non-member $2,320

course details

  • Who Should Attend
  • Objectives
  • Materials Provided
  • What To Expect
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Any CWI or SCWI wishing to add an AWS credential that documents their knowledge, skills, and ability to create welding procedure specifications, as well as CWIs seeking to take their career to the next level and become a SCWI. Their added skillset will also contribute to confidence in their company’s ability to deliver sound welds.
  • Existing CWIs and SCWIs looking to satisfy the reexamination requirements for 9-year recertification, provided that the endorsement is earned during the immediate 9-year period.
    • This student body may encompass:
      • CWI's
      • SCWI's

The objective of this seminar is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills need to confidently tackle the AWS Certified Radiographic Interpreter exam. Successful completion of this exam yields inspectors who have proven their ability to execute proper film exposure, correct selection of IQIs, characterization of indications, and use of acceptance criteria, as expressed in the AWS, API, and ASME codes.

Physical copies of all the books/publications used during the seminar are listed below:

  • AWS B1.10:2016 – Guide for the Nondestructive Examination of Welds
  • Guide for the Nondestructive Examination of Welds
  • AWS Radiographic Interpretation Textbook
  • AWS Radiographic Interpretation Workbook
  • ASNT Radiographic Interpretation 

Day 1 (Monday) through Day 5 (Friday): The seminar includes instructor-led lectures and discussion on radiographic methods, image quality, and classification of indications with respect to the relevant codes. Each classroom session includes practical exercises in radiographic quality and film interpretation.

Day 6 (Saturday): CRI exams are held the day after the seminar, right at the seminar location. The multiple choice exams are comprised of several parts:

  • General (70 questions) and Specific (78 questions) 3 hours
  • Practical (40 questions reading film) 3 hours

Upon completion of this seminar, students will be able to:

  • Explain the nature and properties of X- and gamma radiation
  • Discuss the fundamental aspects of radiographic quality
  • Adhere to radiation safety principles
  • Describe x- and gamma ray equipment
  • Explain the effects of equipment change on radiographic quality
  • Communicate the geometry of image formation
  • Conduct exposure calculations
  • Review radiographs
  • Utilize welding technology






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