Section Grants

Section Grants

The American Welding Society Foundation is committed to supporting welding education on the local level through its Welding Workforce Grant program.

Four AWS Sections sponsor annual grants for welding schools to purchase equipment or expand facilities to train more welders:

  • Detroit Section Grant - $15,000
  • Vic Matthews Cleveland Section Grant - $10,000
  • Mobile Section Grant - $5,000
  • St. Louis Section Grant - $5,000

Schools that are AWS Educational Institution Members can also apply for the $25,000 Welding Workforce Grant using the same application.

Applications NOW OPEN

The application Deadline will be March 15th


Guidelines for Requesting Funds

Funds may be used for:

  • Welding or metalworking equipment purchases or upgrades
  • Classroom or lab materials and/or supplies
  • Facility improvements
  • Capital items 
  • Computers, computer-based training systems

Funds cannot be used for:

  • Any program or area not related to welding education/training
  • Travel expenses
  • Personnel or to expand teaching staff
  • Student tuition or scholarships
  • Textbooks or teaching materials
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Indirect costs
  • No grants will be given to individuals

Who Can Apply?

  • Secondary schools (High School, Career Tech Center, Etc.)
  • Post-secondary trade/technical programs or schools
  • Community colleges
  • Universities


Schools must be located within the boundaries of the Cleveland, Detroit, Mobile, or St. Louis Sections.  Visit the AWS District/Section Map to view the Section boundaries.

Schools do not need to be AWS Educational Institution Members to apply for Section Grants. 

Funding Preferences

Preference will be given to:

  • Project proposals that result in a significant increase in the number of welding graduates and number of graduates successfully placed in welding or welding-related jobs
  • Commitments of additional support, including monetary support from the institution and/or monetary or in-kind donations from external public or private organizations, including companies, non-profits, or government organizations
  • AWS Educational Institution Members and/or SENSE Registered Schools

Welding Workforce Grant Application

Visit the Welding Workforce Grant page for details on the application.

Schools that are Educational Institution Members will submit two budget proposals – one for the $25,000 Welding Workforce Grant and one for the Section Grant.

Selection Process

The applications will be reviewed by the AWS Foundation Grants Committee with announcements made in May or June. The Grants Committee is comprised of members from the AWS Foundation Board of Trustees and the AWS Board of Directors.

The Grants Committee will give preference to applications with a letter of support from a Section officer.

Requirements if Selected

Measures of Success
AWS Foundation will audit the success of the project throughout the term of funding, at intervals determined by AWS Foundation. A summary of progress-to-date with specific, detailed information will be required. Projects will be measured against the original application submitted. A final report including project summary, numbers of individuals educated/trained, numbers of graduates, numbers successfully employed in a welding job, results from the project, and a final, itemized budget, will be required.

Release of Funds
A contract must be signed by both AWS Foundation and the grantee. Funds will be distributed only to the education/training institution. The release of funds will occur following submission of itemized invoices or quotes that meet the intent of the approved project.

Reapplication Eligibility
A grant recipient may not apply again for three years following selection.

See previous grant recipients


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