Jobs in Welding

Welding Supervisor

Welding Supervisors combine management skills with an extensive knowledge of welding processes and welding economics to plan, staff, monitor, and safely deliver welding projects according to schedule and budget. These responsibilities place Welding Supervisors in a unique position to increase productivity and product quality in every industry that uses welding as a core process in the manufacturing of products.

Entry Level Salary
National Median Pay
Real Go-Getters Make



  • Communicate job expectations and performance requirements to welders
  • Serve as a liaison with designers, clients and other stakeholders to maximize efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction
  • Initiate, coordinate and enforce production, safety, and quality systems, policies, and procedures
  • Ensure that all welding meets the specified requirements before inspection is initiated
  • Ensure that welded material and consumables meet specifications

Education and training that can lead
to a successful career may include:


Minimum Education

Associate degree in welding, metals fabrication, engineering technology, etc.


Recommended Education

Certificate in welding, metals fabrication, industrial management, etc.


Advanced Education

Bachelor’s degree in welding, welding engineering, industrial/project management, etc.


Recommended Training

Related welding and management work experience


Advanced Training

Apprenticeship program


Recommended Certification

AWS Certified Welder, AWS Certified Welding Supervisor, AWS Certified Welding Inspector

Essential Skills

  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Leadership and teaching/mentoring
  • Optimize welding productivity and performance
  • Interpret welding symbols and technical drawings
  • Knowledge of welder and welding safety standards
  • Project management methodology

Work Environment

Many Welding supervisors work in manufacturing or shop environments, however some field or travel opportunities are available.

The heat map below showcases the total number of job postings for Welding Supervisors in the last twelve months by state. As shown, the darker the color of the state, the higher the concentration of job postings. The heat map is intended to provide insight into areas where Welding Supervisor careers are currently in demand.

Top Industries

  • Manufacturing
    Automotive, Agricultural, Military & Defense, Maritime, Aviation, etc.
  • Industrial
    Power Generation, Oil & Gas Service, Heavy Equipment Repair, Industrial Maintenance, Maritime
  • Transportation
    Motorsports, Aerospace, Railroad, Maritime