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Shipfitters fabricate and layout metal for building and repairing ships. They work for private companies as well naval shipyards.

A shipfitter can be tasked with building, maintaining, and repairing small boats such as towboats and tugboats, as well as container ships, icebreakers, and ocean liners.

Military shipfitters work on aircraft carriers, tankers, and submarines.

Entry Level Salary
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Source: Emsi, 2022



  • Understand shipyard operation and safety protocol
  • Fitting, setting, and installing fabricated maritime structures
  • Cutting and welding with a variety of processes
  • Metal forming, bending, finishing, and rigging
  • Ability to weld, repair, design, and layout plate or pipe materials
  • Ability to work in shop/field environments and sometimes heights

Education and training that can lead
to a successful career may include:


Advanced Education

Associates degree in welding, metals fabrication, machining, etc.


Advanced Training

Apprenticeship program


Minimum Education

High school diploma or equivalent


Recommended Certification

AWS Certified Welder


Recommended Education

Certificate in welding, metals fabrication, machining, etc.


Recommended Training

Related naval or shipyard work experience

Career Spotlight 

Jason Hammer, a welding apprentice at Rhoads Industries explains how he got his start in welding and it has unfolded into a successful career working as a welder in the shipyard. Click the video to see more.

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Essential Skills

  • Strong mechanical and mathematical aptitude
  • Adapt to changes quickly and seamlessly
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to work efficiently in all types of weather conditions
  • Knowledge of blueprints, welding symbols, piping components, and field welding techniques

Work Environment

As a pipeliner, you should also expect to travel extensively, as pipeline construction can take place anywhere in the world; from heavy populated cities to remote high mountain deserts. Opportunities are also available in shop environments.

The heat map below showcases the total number of job postings for Shipfitters in the last twelve months by state. As shown, the darker the color of the state, the higher the concentration of job postings. The heat map is intended to provide insight into areas where Shipfitter careers are currently in demand.


Top Industries

  • Transportation

    Ship Building, Subsea Vessels, Maritime Repair, Military and Navy Vessels