Safety and Health Committee (SHC)

Safety and Health Committee (SHC)


It is the duty of the AWS Safety and Health Committee to:

  • Promote knowledge concerning occupational environmental effects on the health and safety of personnel involved in welding, brazing, thermal cutting and allied processes, including the storage and handling of welding and thermal cutting equipment and materials.
  • Promote standardization of methods for sampling and analysis of substances and radiations emitted in welding and thermal cutting processes.
  • Develop safe practices and standards for such processes to ensure a safe working environment for welders and associated personnel.
  • Make recommendations concerning projects to be funded by the Safety and Health Research Fund.
  • Establish liaison with other AWS Committees and other organizations to ensure coordination for improved efficiency and to avoid duplication of effort.
  • Nominate and administer the activities of official safety and health representatives of the society on committees of other societies in accordance with the “Rules for the Appointment and Functioning of Representatives of AWS on Technical Committees of Other Societies,” as approved by the Board of Directors.

Committee Leadership


David Werba





The SHC Committee seeks volunteers to participate in its standards development process. The committee is recruiting all types of members as well as members with specific interests (Educators and General Interest) in regard to the committee’s scope. Contact Jennifer Molin to learn more about this committee’s work and/or complete the Technical Committee Application.

As part of the standards development process, joining this committee will give you access to Accuris Engineering Workbench to streamline your workflow.


AWS F1.1M:2018

Method for Sampling Airborne Particulates Generated by Welding and Allied Proceses

AWS F1.2:2013 (R2023)

Laboratory Method for Measuring Fume Generation Rate and Total Fume Emission of Welding and Allied Processes


AWS F1.3M:2006

A Sampling Strategy Guide for Evaluating Contaminants in the Welding Environment

AWS F1.5M:2003

Methods for Sampling and Analyzing Gases from Welding and Allied Processes

AWS F1.6:2017

Guide for Estimating Welding Emissions for EPA and Ventilation Permit Reporting

AWS F2.2:2001 (R2010)

Lens Shade Selector

AWS F2.3M:2019

Specification for Use and Performance of Transparent Welding Curtains and Screens

AWS F3.2M/F3.2:2018

Ventilation Guide for Weld Fume

AWS F4.1:2017

 Safe Practices for the Preparation of Containers and Piping for Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes

AWS F4.2:2020

Safety Guidelines for Proper Selection of Welding Cables

Effects of Welding on Health

Volumes I through XIV

List of Subcommittees

AWS SH1 Subcommittee on Fumes and Gases

AWS SH4 Subcommittee on Labeling and Safe Practices