Reach 100,000 welding professionals and companies:
Welders, inspectors, executives, schools and many other specialists

AWS advertising offers you targeted options to drive qualified traffic to your website, company, store or sales team:

  • Welding Journal connects you to 70,000+  active welding professionals members. These are influential audiences with decision-making authority. Our average reader has been in welding/metalworking for 14 years, while 62% of our readers have been in the industry for 15+ years.
  • Inspection Trends is the specialized quarterly resource for 18,000 readers who are Certified Welding Inspectors or involved in equipment testing and purchasing.
  • Welding Marketplace is a quarterly publication with distribution to prospects who have bought goods and services from AWS over the past three years, but may not be members, bringing total circulation to more than 80,000. They generate hundreds of productive sales leads. Additionally, a link to your ad will be placed on the AWS website. This product is also sent digitally to 60,000 members. The digital version has active links to a company’s website.
  • Welding Journal en Español is a quarterly publication containing the best in features, departments and news from the Welding Journal editorial department, together with tailored articles written by and for Mexican and Latin American professionals. The Welding Journal en Español has a circulation of 10,000 printed copies and 40,000 digital copies.

The high-traffic AWS website generates 100,000+ visitors monthly, with many high-visibility spaces to convey your message to your target audience.

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The demand for most trades is strong and getting stronger. The U.S. Department of Labor forecasts healthy growth in the neighborhood of 8 to 9 percent over the next decade. Jobs associated with building and rebuilding roads, bridges, water, and the power grid are expected to grow by double-digit percentages–faster than the overall economy.

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AWS Members who wish to order AWS merchandise in quantity (12 or more) receive special pricing through our partnership with Staples. For more information, please contact Keila DeMoraes at 1-800-443-9353 Ext. 444

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AWS Member Network

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