CRAW Approved Testing Centers

CRAW Approved Testing Centers

Having the appropriate equipment to ensure that upcoming welders and repair technicians fulfill the criteria of the AWS Certified Robotic Arc Welding (CRAW) program can significantly enhance your company's reputation and financial performance by attaining recognition as an AWS CRAW Approved Testing Center. This accreditation brings industry acknowledgment, such as being listed on the AWS website and advertising opportunities in Welding Journal magazine, to your company.

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Set your facility


Distinguish Your Facility as a Specialized CRAW Approved Testing Center

Do you have the necessary arc welding equipment to test individuals to the requirements of the Certified Robotic Arc Welding (CRAW) program? If so, consider applying for AWS Approved Testing Center (ATC) designation. 

CRAW Testing Center Advantages

As a designated CRAW ATC, your facility enjoys valuable industry recognition, including your AWS website listing and periodic Welding Journal magazine advertising. This program is open to all qualified test facilities connected to OEM facilities, robotic integrators, an educational institution, or other related entity.

Please review all requirements before applying

Before submitting your ATC application, carefully review all requirements of the AWS QC19, Specification for Certification of Robotic Arc Welding Personnel Program and AWS D16.4, Specification for the Qualification of Robotic Arc Welding Personnel, and supporting administrative documents to ensure your facility meets these programs’ requirements.

If your facility satisfies all requirements, it will be named an AWS Approved Testing Center (ATC) and will be able to provide training and testing of individuals seeing certification as AWS Certified Robotic Arc Welding Operators (CRAW-O) and AWS Certified Robotic Arc Welding Technicians (CRAW-T).

REQUIReMENT specifics

  • Overview
  • Documents
  • ATC Requirements
  • Renewal
  • Pricing
  • Disclaimer

The facility applying for to become an ATC must demonstrate its capacity to meet the following requirements:


The ATC will have available for testing purposes at least one operating arc welding robot that can be programmed for operation in three axes. The ATC will demonstrate that it has the equipment to perform mechanical and macroetch testing of completed weld coupons. The ATC will have one room that is conducive to a proper environment (adequate lighting, space, quiet, etc.) for candidates taking a written examination. The ATC will demonstrate that it has the capability of storing confidential materials in a place of limited access (locked cabinet or room).


It is the responsibility of the ATC to provide a CRAW-T to act as the written examination and performance test supervisor. The ATC must employ or have access to a Certified Robotic Arc Welding –Technician (CRAW-T).

This individual cannot conduct any training or preparatory activities for those candidates who they will be testing for AWS certification.


The ATC will demonstrate that it has procedures in place to assure:

  1. Traceability of all test materials (filler and base metals) used in the robotic performance testing
  2. Ability to monitor candidate registrations and appointments to take certification testing
  3. Returned testing information to AWS in a timely manner

Step 1: Submitting your application package

The following documents must be submitted to AWS in order to apply to become an Approved Testing Center (ATC):

  • ATC Initial on-Site Audit Application
  • Schematic of Examination Work Cell
  • Organizational Chart
  • Procedures on Material Traceability/Security/Privacy/Registration/Fees

Note: There are currently no up-front fees for the ATC Program due at the time of application. View current program fees that are due following the ATC audit, under PRICING.

Email your documents to

Or mail to:

American Welding Society
Attn: Certification Department
8669 NW 36 St, #130
Miami, FL 33166-6672

Step 2: Conducting Your Onsite Audit

Following a satisfactory review of the facility’s application and supporting documents, AWS will schedule an onsite audit of your facility by a third party auditor. ATC applicants are responsible for auditor’s fees and travel expenses, including airfare, transportation, lodging and meals. Refer to ATC Initial Onsite Audit Application for applicable fees.

  1. Test Supervisors are required to be certified as an AWS Certified Robotic Arc Welding Technician (CRAW-T) before the audit can be scheduled. This will then allow the test supervisor to administer the testing for this program, once the facility is approved.
  2. When your audit is completed, the auditor will determine if your facility should be recommended for an Approved Testing Center. Results of your audit will be presented to the AWS Certification Committee for final approval.

Step 3: Receiving Your Approved Certificate

If your facility is approved to become an ATC, your facility will be issued a Certificate of Approval. Once approved, your facility can begin testing individuals for CRAW certification.

Currently, there is no requirement for renewal of facilities that have been approved by AWS as a CRAW Approved Testing Center (ATC).

There are currently no up-front application fees for the ATC program; however, ATC applicants are responsible for auditor’s fees and travel expenses including airfare, transportation, lodging, and meals. Auditor’s fees are:

Domestic: $300 for audit (one day) and $150 per travel day (up to two days)

International: $400 for audit (one day) and $200 per travel day (up to three days)

No disclaimers apply to the CRAW Approved Testing Center (ATC) program.