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Certified Resistance Welding Technician

Certified Resistance Welding Technician

A New Benchmark for the Evaluation of Resistance Welding Personnel

Resistance welding combines heat, time and pressure to create secure, long-lasting welds used primarily in the manufacture of automobiles, appliances, and other wire or sheet metal products. The Resistance Welding Industry is competitive and high production, using costly and valuable equipment operated by skilled technicians and engineers.

The new Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT) credential, co-developed by AWS and RWMA, separates the qualified from the untested. If you are or employ a Welder, Engineer, Technician, Skilled Tradesmen, Quality Control Manager or Supervisor in a resistance welding environment, you can benefit from the AWS CRWT certification.

"Until now, the only way for employers to gauge an individual’s knowledge of the resistance welding process was to ask if they had taken the RWMA welding course. The fact that it will be maintained in the same way that all AWS certifications are managed allows employers to know when they hire someone that they have a specific working knowledge of the process. This is win/win for everyone."
- Don DeCorte, Vice President, RoMan Manufacturing, Inc.

"As someone working in the resistance welding field, holding the CRWT certification will allow me to advance my career in a way no other credential can make possible. Employing a CRWT will help my company ensure excellent product quality and improve profitability while at the same time attracting new customers as a result of gaining a better understanding of the resistance welding process"
– Miguel Gutierrez, AWS CWI/CWE/CRWT, Watson Engineering

Who’s Up to the Test?

  • Candidates are required to pass an examination that tests their knowledge skills and abilities in conducting the setup, operation, maintenance, testing and quality control of resistance welding equipment.
  • The CRWT exam spans an array of principles, processes, metallurgy and machinery as presented in AWS C1.5 Specification for the Qualification of Resistance Welding Technicians and AWS QC20 Specification for AWS Certification of Resistance Welding Technicians.
  • Prometric Computer-Based Testing Centers are located nationwide. Before taking the exam, candidates must provide supporting documentation demonstrating they have an acceptable combination of qualifying education and/or work experience. Candidates will receive the CRWT credential upon AWS validation of a passing score.

Exam Preparation

Education goes hand-in-hand with certification, and those preparing to take the CRWT exam are strongly encouraged to use one or more of the following courses of study. Each of these training options are – whether for individual or corporate training – comprehensive and can assist candidates in becoming familiar with content used in the CRWT exam.

Individual: In-Person Classroom

CRWT-image-5This 2-day instructor-led course is an in-depth review of terminology, materials and techniques covered in the AWS resistance welding standards and has been designed to prepare resistance welding technicians for the CRWT exam.

Corporate: Custom On-Site Training

AWS brings instructors to your location. Build your resistance welding technicians’ skillsets, prepare them for the CRWT exam and ensure they meet AWS qualifications, while eliminating travel costs and allowing you to control schedules.


RWMA Resistance Welding School

crwt RWMA School ArtEach Spring and Fall, AWS and RWMA team up to offer a 2-day school, taught by resistance welding industry heavyweights. The program explores all aspects of resistance welding from Applications to Zones, concepts and materials outside the scope of [or that may not be covered in] the CRWT exam. This intensive overview of resistance welding includes presentations, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and live demonstrations on fully functioning equipment, designed for beginner-to-experienced technicians, supervisors, production managers, operators, trainers and educators

CRWT Toolkit

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