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Exam Qualification FAQs

How do I qualify as a Certified Welding Supervisor?

In order to qualify as a Certified Welding Supervisor candidate you must:

Be a high school graduate or hold a state or military approved high school equivalency diploma.

Provide employment information to verify that you have three years of practical welding experience in a fabrication, construction, or welding-related industry. Practical experience in a welding-related industry is an occupational function that has a direct relationship with weldments fabricated to a code, specification, or other standard, and is directly involved in at least one of the following: design, production, construction, inspection, or repair.

As an alternative, three years of relevant teaching experience may be substituted for one year of the practical experience requirement, with proper documentation. Relevant experience is considered when you teach full-time or part-time on a full-time equivalence in a trade, technical school, college, or university, and that you teach the occupational skill of welding or subjects relating to welding, its application, control, materials, and processes.


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