AWS & Aerospace - Education

AWS & Aerospace - Education

AWS has been involved in aerospace specifications since the very beginning and that same expertise and authority can be found in our educational offerings.

The AWS D17.1 Code Clinic provides a detailed road map through the D17.1, Specifications for Fusion Welding for Aerospace Applications code. This comprehensive, 4-hour course employs easy-to-understand language, audio narration, and guided questions to help participants familiarize themselves with the code. Presented in 17 short modules, participants will learn to quickly locate important clauses, charts, and tables in time sensitive testing or working environments.

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AWS Conferences Deliver Real World Solutions
Whether you're looking to improve practices and procedures in your current workplace, get ahead, or just keep at the forefront of industry knowledge, AWS conferences provide an excellent means for concentrated, efficient learning. Also by attending AWS Conferences, you can earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) that count as continued education. This is a good way to not only stay current in your field, but also to earn PDHs for your AWS recertification.

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