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Technical - AWS Technical Committees
There are over 1,500 volunteer professionals currently serving on more than 300 technical committees, subcommittees, and task groups, dedicated to the development of consensus standards for welding, cutting, and allied processes. These volunteers work under the rules of ANSI (The American National Standards Institute) to publish American National Standards on welding. AWS administrates the US technical advisory groups (TAGs) to ISO/TC44 (Welding and Allied Processes), and its subcommittees, participates in ISO/TC 167 (Steel and aluminium structures), and holds the secretariats of one ISO/TC44 subcommittee and five working groups. AWS is also the Authorized National Body (ANB) for Company Certification (ANBCC) to the International Institute of Welding (IIW).

Join an AWS committee or US TAG and have an influence on national and international standards development.

WEMCO - An Association of Welding Manufacturers
A standing committee of the American Welding Society, WEMCO is dedicated to providing senior management members of manufacturers servicing the welding industry a forum to:

  • Promote plans and programs which benefit their understanding of welding equipment market trends and needs.
  • Share solutions to current industry, organizational and business problems/opportunities.
  • Promote their products and services worldwide.
  • Provide a common voice to the welding industry, government bodies and technical standards organizations worldwide.
  • Enhance the image of welding as a career choice and as an industry crucial to building and maintaining the worlds economic infrastructure.
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    BSMC - Brazing and Soldering Manufacturers Committee
    The BSMC, Brazing & Soldering Manufacturers Committee, is a standing committee of the American Welding Society dedicated to providing senior managment members a forum to provide a common voice to the brazing and soldering industry, government bodies and technical standards organizations worldwide. Go

    IIW - International Institute of Welding
    The IIW was founded in 1948 by the welding institutes and societies in 13 countries to promote international collaboration in welding. With 43 member countries, the objectives of the organization are:

    • to promote the development of welding and to provide for the exchange of scientific and technical information on welding research and education.
    • to assist in the formulation of international standards for welding.
    • to promote the organization of national welding associations.

    RWMA - Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance
    The RWMA is a network of industry professionals and corporate leaders that fosters advances in resistance welding technologies, while supporting the highest technical standards for the industry. The RWMA educates the manufacturing community in the new technologies as well as in existing resistance welding processes. Go


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