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Certification Programs from AWS

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Certified Welding Inspector
The Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) certification is widely recognized, both nationally and internationally, in the welding industry. Successful companies have come to rely on this AWS certification when ensuring the highest level of quality workmanship.

Certified Associate Welding Inspector
Take the first steps towards a prosperous career in welding inspection as a CAWI. You'll get hands-on experience as you work alongside a Senior Certified Welding Inspector or Certified Welding Inspector. The decision to become a CAWI signals employers that you're serious about your career. And AWS Certification puts you on the right course.

Senior Certified Welding Inspector
After you've been a CWI for a minimum of six years, and your career has evolved into supervisory or managerial responsibilities in the field of quality control/quality assurance, you will want to apply for the highest level of certification: a Senior Certified Welding Inspector, or SCWI . SCWIs are in demand by companies looking to have it all-skilled, seasoned welding managers who can do the job and supervise others.

CWI/SCWI Endorsement
Endorsements are supplemental inspection credentials available to all AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs) and Senior Certified Welding Inspectors (SCWIs).

Renewal & Upgrade - CWI, CAWI & SCWI
The renewal process is part of your continued certification according to QC1. The SCWI CWI Renewal & Upgrade Application provides you with the opportunity to apply for both the SCWI and CWI Renewal or/and the CWI upgrade.

9-Year Re-Certification

Reciprocity - CWB and INWC

Reciprocity - CSWIP

Certified Welding Educator
The Certified Welding Educator Program (CWE) is geared for the welding professional specifically in the welding education field. This AWS certification confirms your ability, talent and knowledge to specifically direct and perform operations associated with welder training and classroom instruction.

Radiographic Interpreters
Certified Radiographic Interpreter
The program, based upon requirements contained within AWS B5.15:2003, Specification for the Qualification of Radiographic Interpreters, is designed to provide evidence of the ability of individuals to properly assess welding-related indications produced on radiographic film and related media.

Certified Welding Supervisor

Is your organization interested in finding ways to increase welding productivity while improving and maintaining acceptable weld quality? Welding Supervisors can make a valuable contribution to the four most important metrics in welding operations: quality, cost, productivity and safety.

Sales Reps
Certified Welding Sales Representative
If you are among the best and most successful sales professionals in the welding industry, it's because you provide value-added expertise to your customers. You are there for them when they want to try new solutions. You are there when they struggle to improve their welding quality and productivity. You are there to help provide a safe workplace. You have years of expertise that back up every recommendation and every sale you make. And you never stop soaking up all the knowledge you can --- because you strive to be among the best.

Certified Welding Engineer
The CWEng is capable of directing those operations associated with weldments and other types of joints that are completed in accordance with the appropriate contract documents, codes, and other standards to produce a satisfactory product. The welding engineer¹s activities begins before production or construction welding and continues through the production process then ending when the production process is complete

Certified Robotic Arc Welding
AWS is thrilled to offer the brand new Certification Program for Robotic Arc Welding - Operators and Technicians (CRAW). This certification allows many welding personnel employed in various welding sectors to measure themselves against standards for their occupation. It also signifies that the CRAW Operator or Technician has demonstrated the capability of working with various codes, standards, and specifications.

Certified Welding Fabricator
The AWS Certified Welding Fabricator program was designed to meet industry demand for a program that recognizes companies who can demonstrate they have the resources, procedures, and personnel to apply a quality management system to the welding fabrication activities. In turn, these companies gain a competitive advantage in the market because their customers can trust that the products they have ordered were fabricated under a quality system.

Certified Welder
The Certified Welder program is a performance-based program with no prerequisite courses or certifications required. Final certification will provide "transferrable" credentials that you may take with you wherever you go.

Accredited Test Facility
The AWS Accredited Test Facility program establishes minimum requirements for test facilities, their personnel, and equipment to qualify for accreditation to test and qualify welders. ATFs play an integral part in the operation of the AWS Certified Welding program.

Committee/Subcommittee Membership Application
Are you interested in becoming a member of the Certification Committee/Subcommittee?

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Final Report - Welding Supervisor Training and Certification
(NSRP Study)
The National Shipbuilding Research Program has released a final report on the advantages of training your welding supervisors to reduce costs and maximize shipbuilding efficiencies.

Download  the project's final report Welding Supervisor Training and Certification.

AWS has an agreement with ASNT that permits CWIs and SCWIs to gain ACCP Level II certification in Visual Testing (VT) without additional testing.

For more information on this agreement and to apply go ACCP Certification.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), AWS strives to accommodate all participants with special needs. If you require assistance, please inform the AWS Certification Department, (800) 443-9353 ext. 273 in writing no later than the application deadline date. For more information, please click here.

AWS understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, manages conflict of interest and ensures objectivity of its certification activities. For more information, please send an email to the Manager of Professional Certification Programs.