Brazing and Soldering Specificatoins and Books
AWS Brazing & SolderingSpecifications & Books

2.4 StandardSymbols for Welding, Brazing and Nondestructive Examination
A3.0 Standard Welding Terms and Definitions,Including Terms for Brazing Soldering, Thermal Spraying, and ThermalCutting
A5.8/A5.8M Specification for Filler Metals for Brazingand Braze Welding
A5.31 Specification for Fluxes for Brazing andBraze Welding
B2.2 Standard for Brazing Procedure andPerformance Qualification
C3.2M/C3.2 Standard Method for Evaluating the Strengthof Brazed Joints
C3.3 Recommended Practice for the Design,Manufacture, and Examination of Critical Brazed Components
C3.4 Specification for Torch Brazing
C3.5 Specification for Induction Brazing
C3.6 Specification for Furnace Brazing
C3.7 Specification for Aluminum Brazing
C3.8 Recommended Practice for UltrasonicInspection of Brazed Joints
BRH Brazing Handbook
SHB Soldering Handbook

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