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New AWS Individual Members can receive their choice (one only) of more than 20 publications for just **$35 to cover shipping and costs. Which one is best for you?

* Jefferson's Welding Encylopedia on CD-ROM (a $176 value)
No matter what your involvement in the industry, Jefferson's Welding Encyclopedia puts the world of welding right at your fingertips. A useful tool for any level in the industry, from student to experienced veteran, it's a handy reference for anyone who needs quick access to thorough welding information. Topics are explained, illustrated, and made comprehensible. It also includes a historical look at the welding industry, a handy Buyers Guide, and an exhaustive listing of key industry suppliers. Color illustrations, revised and edited by Robert L. O'Brien. 758 pages on CD-ROM. Preview this CD-ROM at
* Design and Planning Manual for Cost-Effective Welding (a $96 value)
A practical guide for engineers, planners, and handson professionals to improve scheduling and lessen rework regardless of industry. Past AWS board member Eugene Hornberger has edited, updated, and expanded the original text developed under the auspices of the Maritime Administration with support from the U.S. Navy. The Design and Planning Manual for Cost-Effective Welding contains 18 sections, each with its own table of contents numerous drawings, tables, charts, and checklists and a bibliography and recommended reading list. Topics include welding cost analysis, modular construction, concepts of welding design, fatigue considerations, joint design, weld distortion and control, information for the welder, NDE, and defects and discontinuities.142 pages, (1999).
* Welding Handbook, Ninth Edition, Volume 1 (a $192 value)
Volume 1 presents the latest developments in the basic science and technology of welding. Presents general descriptions of processes, then continues with chapters on the physics of welding and cutting heat flow welding metallurgy design test methods residual stress welding symbols tooling and positioning monitoring and control mechanized, automated, and robotic techniques economics weld quality inspection qualification and certification welding codes and standards and safe practices.

* Welding Handbook, Ninth Edition, Volume 2, Part 1 (a $192 value)
This newest Welding Handbook volume presents comprehenxive information on welding and related processes.  It contains detailed information on arc welding power sources shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc, gas metal are, flux cored, submerged arc, and plasma arc welding processes and chapters on electrosag welding, stud welding, oxyfuel gas welding, brazing, soldering, oxygen cutting, and arc cutting and gouging.  Revised and reiewed by more than 100 welding expers.  For more information, visit

* Welding Handbook, Ninth Edition, Volume 3, Part 2 (a $192 value)
Over 600 pages of comprehensive information on solid-state and other welding and cutting processes. The book includes chapters on resistance spot and seam welding, projection welding, flash and upset welding and high-frequency welding. In addition to a chapter on friction welding, a new chapter introduces friction stir welding, the process that has users excited about the significant advantages it offers. The most recent developments in beam technology are discussed in the greatly expanded chapters on laser beam welding and cutting and electron beam welding. A diverse array of processes are presented in chapters on the ultrasonic welding of metals, explosion welding, diffusion welding and diffusion brazing, adhesive bonding and thermal and cold spraying. The last chapter covers various other welding and cutting processes, including modernized water jet cutting. Written, updated, and peer reviewed by a group of highly respected technical and scientific experts, the book has 15 chapters, more than 400 line drawings and photographs, and a comprehensive index. 669 pages, 15 chapters, 3 appendices, 438 illustrations, 59 tables.

* Welding Handbook, Ninth Edition, Volume 4, Part 1 (a $192 value)
Extensively revised and updated from the eighth edition, this comprehensive volume had more than 50 experts in materials and materials applications assure its accuracy and the currency of its content. It is a great reference source for engineers, educators, welding supervisors, and welders. Covers carbon and low-alloy steels; high-alloy steels; coated steels; tool and die steels; stainless and heat-resisting steels;
clad and dissimilar metals; surfacing; cast irons; maintenance and repair welding; and underwater welding and cutting.  Includes more than 650 pages, 396 line drawings and photos, and 259 tables. 10 chapters, hardbound, 8" x10", (2011).

* Welding Metallurgy, Carbon and Alloy Steels, Volume 1 (a $148 value)
Written by the late George E. Linnert, one of America's most respected and informed metallurgical authorities.  Builders, manufacturers, welding shops, colleges, and universities wil benefit from this indespensible reference book.  Place a lifetime of welding research and experience at your fingertips with this practical insight into the science and technology of metals.  964 pages, 10 appendices, 248 figures, 62 tables.

Choose one of the above publications or one of the following publications:

  • Arc Welded Projects, Vol. IV (nearly 75 welding projects)
  • Total Welding Management
  • Welding Inspection Handbook
  • The Practical Reference Guide To Welding Aluminum In Commercial Applications
  • Practical Reference Guide To Welding Titanium
  • Guide To Weldability Carbon And Low Alloy Steels
  • Recommended Practices For Heat Shaping And Straightening with Oxyfuel Gas Heating Torches
  • Recommended Practices For Plasma Arc Welding
  • Recommended Practices For Shielding Gases for Welding & Cutting
  • Recommended Practices For Plasma Arc Cutting And Gouging
  • Recommended Practices For Air Carbon Arc Gouging & Cutting
  • Recommended Practices For Stud Welding
  • Recommended Practices For Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Recommended Practices For Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Recommended Practices For Electrogas Welding
*Choose any of the Pocket Handbooks below, and you also receive a FREE welding cap
  • Everyday Pocket Handbook For Arc Welding Steel*
  • Everyday Pocket Handbook For Visual Inspection And Weld Discontinuities- Causes & Remedies*
  • The Everyday Pocket Handbook On Welded Joint Details For Structural Applications*
  • The Everyday Pocket Handbook For Gas Metal Arc Welding & Flux Cored Arc Welding*
  • The Everyday Pocket Handbook On Metric Practices For The Welding Industry*
  • The Everyday Pocket Handbook For Visual Inspection Of AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code's Fabrication & Welding Requirements*
  • The Everyday Pocket Handbook For Shielded Metal Arc Welding*
  • The Everyday Pocket Handbook For Gas Metal Arc Welding Of Aluminum*

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