Welding Careers

Welding Careers

Ignite new career possibilities: discover welding

From skyscrapers to cars to bridges – welding shapes lives and communities every day.  In fact, most people are surprised to learn that half of our nation’s total gross national product includes welding work, products and services of some kind. Amazing, right?

You might also be surprised to discover that a career in welding is very different than you think.  These roles are dynamic and challenging. They offer you rewarding opportunities to harness new knowledge; scientific principles; and today’s most advanced technologies.

High tech and high skilled

Welding technology has changed dramatically. Many younger, technology-geared students are drawn to welding worksites where teams frequently work with lasers, robotics, computer programming and other complex technologies. In addition to welders, many other professional-level experts are needed, from certified inspectors and engineers  to specialized sales teams.

Too many jobs: not enough welders

From manufacturing to construction the demand for welders is strong. Salaries are also good, given that many jobs don’t require extensive education. Average wages are $17-25 an hour, with more complex roles like underwater welding; specialized certifications; or supervisory roles offering even higher earnings.

At present, the top-demand markets are Houston, the Gulf States, North Dakota and Coastal Virginia…these are where you’ll find the most jobs.

Ocean depths to outer space

Welders work everywhere…deep beneath the ocean surface to the top of our universe…and many exciting spaces in-between.

Career advancement throughout many industries is just a certification away

There are many avenues for those wanting to advance: inspectors, supervisors, educators, radiographic interpreters, sales teams, engineers and many more industry roles.

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