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Basic Weld Joints and Symbols
Power Point Version 7.0 presentation on basic weld joints and weld symbols for edge preparations. 722 KB. By Craig Herald.
Powerpoint on Basic GMAW
Groove Weld Types
Powerpoint 7.0 presentation. Description and picture of groove weld types. 594 KB. Submitted by Lee County Area Technology Center.
SMAW for Beginers
This is a example clean up roster if you need ideas rather then doing it only on fridays. It is very effective. I takes a little bit for Sr's to make the transition but they like it in the long run. The blue highlighter just allows for the seperation of repeating names.
Steps to Creating a Project
A short power point presentation that review the stages of designing a project to completition. An excellent review of the ideas involved to review with students who are to design their own projects.
This is AWS
Power Point slide show promoting AWS.
Weld Defects and Discontinuities
This is a Powerpoint 97 presentation on weld and base metal defects and discontinuities. 1.3Mb
Welding Program Promotional
Powerpoint 95 presentation to use for promoting welder training programs. Written by Dave Williams from Mid Del Vo-Tech. 1.4 Mb.

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