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9000 Advisers
Specializing is assisting small business implement ISO 9001 quality management systems.
We provide Audit consultation, CWI Inspections, Nondestructive testing, Metallurgical investigations, NDT equipment Calibration services, Code consultation, Welding and NDT inspection training in the NY metropolitan area.
AET Integration, Inc.
Metallurgical, welding, & mechanical testing. Design assistance, welding process development, material evaluation, failure analysis, fatigue/durability improvement, design of experiment, FEA analysis, & R&D services.
AET Integration, Inc.
welding testing, failure analysis, weld fatigue testing, research and development, consulting,design,Finite Element Anlysis
AMC Welding Engineering Services
Specializing in welding engineering consulting, weld failure analysis, eliminating weld defects, soldering, brazing, material properties, welding metallurgy, developing welding procedures, and expert witness services.
AW Johnson & Associates
Welding and Quality engineering consultants. We specialize in problem solving, amnufacturing through-put and development of welding and inspection programs. Chief consultant is a member of many national committees. We have experience with most codes, welding processes and materials. For more information, please see our web site.
Accutek Testing Laboratory
Full metallurgical and failure evaluation facility. Certified by A2LA, NADCAP. In-house testing, including charpy, tensiles and bends. Full CWI services.
Accutek Testing Laboratory
Full metallurgical and failure evaluation facility. Certified by A2LA, NADCAP. In-house testing, including charpy, tensiles and bends. Full CWI services.
Accutek Testing Laboratory
Full metallurgical and failure evaluation facility. Certified by A2LA, NADCAP. In-house testing, including charpy, tensiles and bends. Full CWI services.
AEROACE draws on 20 years of aircraft design and manufacturing experience, providing services in Avionics & Electrics Systems Design, Schematics, Certification Compliance, Aircraft systems maintenance troubleshooting and Aircraft Delivery Inspection.
Allen W. Sindel, Sindel & Associates
Over thirty (30) plus years of experience in heavy manufacturing of ASME, AWS, API, and ANSI B31.3 Products. BS Welding Engineer Ohio State Univ, AWS CWI, ASNT Level III, and 2nd Vice Chairman of the AWS D1 Structural Welding Committee
Allied Laboratories
Providers of consulting services for weld procedure preparation, welder qualification testing, NDT services (UT,MT,PT,VT), field shop inspection, QA QC audits, in-service bridge inspection (FHWA)
Amer Industrial Technologies, Inc.
Amer Industrial Technologies, Inc. custom designs, engineers, and manufactures ASME III/ VIII, Nuclear & Non-Nuclear pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and other complex welded steel components.
Applied Mechanics Company
Advanced stress analysis and strength of materials services, including finite element analysis (FEA) of structures and material processes.
Argyll Consulting Services
We provide Welding Applications and Engineering Services including technical consulting, problem solving, process development, training and engineering services.We provide practical cost effective solutions to your welding and joining problems
Ask Art Solutions
Provides affordable ISO 9001 consulting, training and audit services to manufacturing and service organizations
Bell Environmental Safety Services
We offer professional consulting for your needs within Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety, and Environmental Health.
Bell Environmental Safety Services
We offer professional consulting for your needs within Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health.
Brazing -- Kay & Associates
Audit brazing operations, solve problems in brazing. Regional brazing seminars and in-house customized training seminars by Dan Kay. 25-yrs hands-on experience in vacuum,atmosphere-retort, induction, and torch (flame) brazing.
Business Industrial Network
The Most Valuable Online Resource For Maintenance And Engineering Professionals In The Manufacturing Industry We can help make all industry more productive and successful by helping eliminate unnecessary down time through teamwork and networking. Lack of information is 90% of the reason for unnecessary down time in industry today. We give you a medium in which to get that information. When you need it most, when you’re down! You can access our database of problems/solutions, email experts in the field, or for real quick help, call a contact. You can access links to vendors and O.E.M.s.
Carbide Processors, Inc.
Brazing tungsten carbide and ceramics. Apparently we are the best in the world at this. There are definitely things we can do that no one else can.
Clad Technologies, Inc.
30 Years experience in hardfacing, wear, cladding technology and marketing. Specializes in applications, equipment design, alloy development and marketing of wear products.
Coil Joining Technology
Consultant and OEM for Coil Joining Equipment and application to Strip Process, Welded Tube / Pipe. All weldable materials: 0.005" to 1.00" thick X 0.250" to 120" wide.
Collins & Associates Technical Services Inc.
Technical Service
Commercial Inspection Service, Inc.
Nondestructive testing laboratory with the following services available: X-ray, Ultrasonic, Penetrant, and Magnetic particle inspection for inspection of weldments of all types and materials. Other various products forms and processes can be checked nondestructively in addition to the inspection of weldments. Aerospace thru AWS quality certified inspections available 5 days a week.
Located in Toronto, Designlore provides design, research and development, CAD/CAE, testing services and prototypes.
Douglas E. Williams, P.E.
Metallurgical, welding, fabrication, inspection, quality and fitness-for-purpose engineering, including specification, inspection and technical manuals development and toughness properties, for dynamically-loaded steel.
Dr. Steven A. Gedeon, BSWE, MS, PhD, MBA, PEng, PE
Licensed Professional Engineer in the US and Canada. OSU Welding Engineer with PhD from MIT and MBA. Expert witnessing, Management consulting, Technology Development and Implementation, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Intellectual Property, Financing and New Company Startup.
EAS Training & Consulting Services
Training for braze operators- in-plant Test and certification of welders- Application consulting- Wayne Engeron CWI / CWE / ASNT II
Provides world-class technical capability in joining technology through a full range of technical services, contract R&D, testing, and professional training for the nation's leading manufacturers and energy producers.
Engeron Technology Group
EAS Training & Consulting Services- Welding - Brazing process assessment. Procedures - Test and Certification. CWI - CWE - Metallurgist - M.E Wayne Engeron - www.e-tech.com
Engeron Technology Group
EAS Training & Consulting Services- Welding - Brazing process assessment. Procedures - Test and Certification. CWI - CWE - Metallurgist - M.E Wayne Engeron -
Manufacture & Distribution of precision aerospace products.Nadcap accreditated in NDT.
Fish Inspection & Testing LLC
Consultant services for inspection, evaluation, and testing on buildings, bridges, ancillary structures, transportation systems, automotive, and aircraft. Provide training for welding inspection, bridge inspection, and nondestructive testing.
GKI-Welding Technology AS
Welding procedures for all welding methodes WPAR-WPS,Welding Supervisor,Welding Engineering.
Hornmark Ltd.
Expediting and inspection services for all mechanical equipment. Specialists for North sea offshore oil and gas.
Construction, Fabrication and In-service Inspection, Third party Inspection Company
Inspectech Corporation
Inspectech, Inc combines unprecedented industry experience with innovative thinking to provide strong solutions for a broad range of companies. Visit our website for further information on our services and our weld tracking product WeldLinkpro
Interlock, Inc.
We provide solutions to all types of welding related manufacturing and repair challenges. With careful analysis of given situations, we craft efficient, cost effective solutions by introducing appropriately novel, custom and/or sophisticated welding methods of joining ferrous and non-ferrous materials
JP Welding & Consulting
Specialize in solving problems in welding, repairing, and salvaging investment castings associated with high alloy steels, stainless steels, titanium, cobalt, and nickel base alloys
Joining Technologies,LLC
The leader in precision metal joining, offering high quality, low cost job shop services and training for EB, Laser, Plasma, GTAW and Resistance welding disciplines. Our website offers a huge amount of technical information on welding theory and application, as well as a description of our services. We have the latest in Electron Beam and Laser welding technologies, including robotics and precision computer controlled lathe welding.
Kay & Associates
Full-time consultant in brazing (please see website for more information).
MC PRO-FUSION "Consultant for Welding and Manufacturing" We are dedicated in offering a wide range of services; which unquestionably makes us unique from other consultants. Our vast experience in the welding industry, accompanied with a strong technical and metallurgical background gives us this edge. The services that we offer include: · Consulting for welding and manufacturing · Speciality welding services · Quality pipe welding · Inspection services and quality audits · Weld automation and robotics · Welder training and instruction · Equipment sales · Material Sales
MEI-Charlton, Inc
Since 1934 MEIC Engineers and Scientists engage in consulting service activities in the fields of metallurgy, materials, coatings, chemical design, systems, environmental and engineering structures, and testing. Both destructive and non-destructive testing services are offered to various industries.
MIC Industrial Services
Specializing in Above & Below Ground Tank Inspections & repair(Turnkey) Also structural, boiler, piping & welds.
Manufacturing Sciences, Inc.
Print Proofing, GD&T consulting, Statistical Analysis.
Midwest Joining Technologies, LLC
Exclusive Midwest Representation for Miyachi Resistance Welders and DukaneUltex ultrasonic metal welders. Metal welding process and equipment selection. RW fundamentals training. Process consulting.
NDE Consulting
NDE Consulting provides Level III training procedures and third party review services for Nondestructive testing methods, Radiography, Ultrasound, Magnetic Particle, Penetrant, Eddy Current and Visual.
National Inspection & Consultants, Inc.
Provides quality management and employee concerns program consulting, inspection, auditing, training, nondestructive testing and technical personnel staffing primarily to engineering, automotive, power utility, manufacturing, aerospace, chemical, industrial and construction companies.
Nizick Engineering Services, Inc.
World Class Welding and Manufacturing Contract Engineering Services. Project Management responsibilities for implementing automated welding systems, production trouble shooting, expert technical witness and more!
Nutran Ultrasound Technology Consultants
Nutran is an engineering consulting firm that provides expert advice in ultrasound technology covering both medical and industrial applications.
Orien Pacific (Shanghai) Ltd.
We provide various welding engineering and training related services to industry. An American owned company operating in China. Over 35 years in the welding industry.
PAI International
Welding, metallurgical, emergency heat straightening, distortion control, and other complex fabrication problems are just a few of the technical issues that we can assist you with. Please send a brief e-mail with your questions and we will contact you.
PAI International
Welding, metallurgical, emergency heat straightening, distortion control, and other complex fabrication problems are just a few of the technical issues that we can assist you with.
PCSI Professional & Contract Services, Inc.
-Welding and fabricating operations analysis; -Welding management plans; -Technical consulting and problem solving; -Design and analysis of products and tooling. -Training and education; -Team support.
Plumstead Quality and Training Services
Services: Radiation safety, training and level III consulting for Nondestructive Testing, ASNT NDT Level III (GJ-670), RT, MT, PT, UT, VT, AWS-CWI
Pow Technologies
Welding Engineering for CWB Certification. Welding, fatigue and product design, failure analysis, plant engineering, welder training, welding inspection, welding procedures.
Precision Joining Technologies, Inc
Provider of laser, gas tungsten arc, resistance, ultrasonic welding, soldering/brazing services and technical consulting/training on the above welding/joining processes.
QAxchange...CWI/NDT Consultants Network
QAxchange...the Supply-Chain Consultants Network. Submit one request to get multiple quotes from our nationwide network of CWI's, NDT/NDE consultants, inspectors, expeditors, auditors, surveyors, trainers
Quality Inspection Consultants, Inc.
Houston-based inspection consulting firm. Expertise: ANST (Level II), NACE (Level III), ASQC (CQA), AWS (CWI), ISO, British Standards. Provide quality surveillance & QC
Quality Inspection Services
CWI-NDE Level III consuting and inspection. Provide training, certification, procedures in accordance with various standards. Quality program audits, 3rd party surveilance.
RSA Reliability and Maintenance Consultancy Firm
Our firm provides quality training on maintenance and reliability best practices. We have a wide and diversified selection of courses that you will surely be interested
RSA Reliability and Maintenance Consultancy Firm
We are a training and consulting firm that provides world class training and seminar on Reliability and Maintenance Best Practices
Rager Consulting, Incorporated
Current chairman of D1 Main Committee, AWS; 33 years’ experience with aluminum materials, processes for joining; 25 years’ experience with structural steel fabrication to AWS D1.1 Code. Professional Engineer. Ohio State graduate, Welding Engineering. Expert help in aluminum & aluminum alloy fabrication. Material selection, joint preparation, inspection problems solved. Code applications involving all aspects of the requirements of any of the AWS D1 Structural Welding Codes. Training/assistance on site or via distance using video/internet/voice communication applications. Training/assistance with or writing quality assurance manuals, audit preparation for AISC Structural Steel certifications. Development of welding procedures, assessment of capabilities of fabricators and vendors. See our site at http://www.ragerconsulting.com.
Reliability Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
Convert Your Chaotic Problems into Profits for You. Such Problems are your greatest resource to improve your organisational strength and profitability
Royal Haskoning - Maritime
International consulting engineers offering a wide range of quality assured maritime services. Royal Haskoning your first choice partner for maritime consultancy.
Royal Haskoning - Maritime
International consulting engineers offering a wide range of quality assured maritime services. Royal Haskoning your first choice partner for maritime consultancy.
As solutions based consulting company. Full technical capabilities to research and solve complex welding tasks. Process selection, design of experiment, development, efficiency and stability are all critical for success. We define, specify and implement.
STS Welding Consultation
Technical welding and NDE Consulting/inspection /3rd party services to the Bridge, Building, power industries. AISC audit program establishement and hands on welder training/inspector training to engineering and construction companies.
Son Set Consultants
Inspection / Auditing / Training / Testing Services API 510, AWS CWI, Mechanical Journeyman NGP PP - State of Okla
Special Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Welding Consultation / Welder Qualification.
Stork Materials Technology
Specialists in materials testing/failure analysis. AWS CWEngs and CWIs provide weld testing/welder qualification. Single source for testing of metals, polymers, rubber, and adhesives/paints. A2LA accredited.
Structural Peer Review Service
A technical oversight resource
TAP Resources
Focused on the compressed gas industry with consulting and services of operations management and planning, safety, asset management, productivity and engineering
Techweld Consultancy Services takes great pride in announcing that it has come up with all engineering solution in Welding, Joining and associated technologies through information, advice and technology transfer, consultancy and project support, contract, R&D training and qualification. We offer welding engineers service to the industries - who need not have this kind of an expertise on their rolls in a regular basis, who need this once in a while, or to those, who can not afford to employ this service on a regular basis.
Vista Engineering and Consulting LLC
Vista Engineering & Consulting LLC is a Birmingham, Alabama based research, development and consulting firm dedicated to the creation of innovative, cost-effective solutions for materials design and application problems.
W. F. Newell & Associates, Inc.
A consulting firm that specializes in welding engineering for power, pressure vessels, piping and manufacturing in new and repair applications.
WJM Technologies
WJM Technologies provides technical consulting and problem solving services as related to any material joining challenges including welding, soldering, and brazing
Weld Engineering Consulting
Failure analysis and welding process optimization. Provide consulting services for weld procedure preparation, welder qualification testing. Distinct talent for solving welding problems.
Weld Experts, Inc.
Rob Horton, founder of Weld Experts, Inc., has over 25 years of diverse experience as a Certified Welder, Certified Welding Inspector, Certified Welding Educator, Senior Certified Welding Inspector and is an experienced Weld Engineer.
WeldComputer Corporation
The company manufactures a wide range of resistance welding controls and monitors using proven technology developed over the past two decades.
Welding Consultant Services, Inc.
Serving Chicagoland with over 30 years of experience in welder training, testing, inspection, and troubleshooting. Certification tests. Metallurgical testing, failure analysis.
Welding Professional Services, Ltd.
Provides Welding Engineering, Inspection and Testing. AWS/CWI and Level II NDT (UT,MT & PT) services in and around central Ohio. Welding procedures and welder qualification to AWS and ASME codes.
Welding Training & Consulting Services
Welding Applications and Engineering Services: Technical consulting, Problem solving, Process development and Training. Welding program and department reviews, upgrades and/or development, including new technology R&D. SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW (automatic, semi-automatic and manual).
weldit bvba
Consultancy for welding engineering. Integration of quality systems in welding related facilities. Problem analyses in piping, pipelines, pressure vessels and construction.
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