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Providing on-site expertise to assist in research and development of difficult welding applications. EB, GTAW, GMAW, RW and PAW development from micro components to ultra heavy weldments.
AET Integration, Inc.
welding testing, metallurgical testing, weld fatigue testing, research and development, consulting,design,Finite Element Anlysis
Accutek Testing Laboratory
Full metallurgical and failure evaluation facility. Certified by A2LA, NADCAP. In-house testing, including charpy, tensiles and bends. Full CWI services.
Coil Joining Technology
Consultant and OEM for Coil Joining Equipment and application to Strip Process, Welded Tube / Pipe. All weldable materials: 0.005" to 1.00" thick X 0.250" to 120" wide.
Dr. Steven A. Gedeon, BSWE, MS, PhD, MBA, PEng, PE
Licensed Professional Engineer in the US and Canada. OSU Welding Engineer with PhD from MIT and MBA. Expert witnessing, Management consulting, Technology Development and Implementation, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Intellectual Property, Financing and New Company Startup.
Provides world-class technical capability in joining technology through a full range of technical services, contract R&D, testing, and professional training for the nation's leading manufacturers and energy producers.
Fleet Technology Limited
Welding consulting and laboratory services, weldability testing, procedure development, filler metal testing, failure analysis, hydrogen control, R&D, process optimization, training, fatigue and fracture assessments.
JP Welding & Consulting
Investment casting repairs and welding. We provide ideas, recommendations, researches, and proposals for difficult to weld cast alloys.
Joining Technologies
Joining Technologies is a precision welding and material joining resource facility. Our company provides highly specialized welding and joining services as a sub-contract supplier.
Joining Technologies, LLC
Joining Technologies offers a lab-like environment for developing electron beam, laser beam, precision plasma, GTAW, and resistance welding applications.
MEI-Charlton, Inc
Since 1934 MEIC Engineers and Scientists engage in consulting service activities in the fields of metallurgy, materials, coatings, chemical design, systems, environmental and engineering structures, and testing. Both destructive and non-destructive testing services are offered to various industries.
Silicon Investigations
Silicon Investigations offers UHV (ultra High Vacuum) engineering services to the semiconductor and research community
Vista Engineering and Consulting LLC
Vista Engineering & Consulting LLC is a Birmingham, Alabama based research, development and consulting firm dedicated to the creation of innovative, cost-effective solutions for materials design and application problems.
Get it right the first time. Patented tube and pipe alignment tools that can reduce x-ray rejection due to mis-alignment to nil while increasing productivity and safety. Light weight hand tools used by US Navy-shipyards, Power (fossil & nuclear), Paper, Petro-chemical, and all processing industries. Serving the USA and international areas. Rounds out thin wall stainless & other pipes. On the job training available. Engineers new tools.