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We provide Audit consultation, CWI Inspections, Nondestructive testing, Metallurgical investigations, NDT equipment Calibration services, Code consultation, Welding and NDT inspection training in the NY metropolitan area.
Bell Environmental Safety Services
We offer professional consulting for your needs within Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety, and Environmental Health.
D and R Consultants
Underground inspection services for utiltiy companies. Specializing in natrual gas high pressure and distribution pipeline inspection services.
Provides world-class technical capability in joining technology through a full range of technical services, contract R&D, testing, and professional training for the nation's leading manufacturers and energy producers.
Lake Superior Consulting
Lake Superior Consulting is a team consisting of engineers, technicians and inspectors providing engineering and quality control services to the pipeline and structural fabrication industries.
MC PRO-FUSION "Consultant for Welding and Manufacturing" We are dedicated in offering a wide range of services; which unquestionably makes us unique from other consultants. Our vast experience in the welding industry, accompanied with a strong technical and metallurgical background gives us this edge. The services that we offer include: Consulting for welding and manufacturing Speciality welding services Quality pipe welding Inspection services and quality audits Weld automation and robotics Welder training and instruction Equipment sales Material Sales
Provides the technical experiance and consulting activites to both industrial, construction and petroleum sectors in the fiels of materials(metallurgy), welding technology and quality control (QC).
Orbit International Group LLC
Vender Inspection Services Project Inspection Services Supplier Quality Surveillance Inspection Secondment Services
If you supply products or services to the energy or process industries, make sure your company is represented on PetroPages.com. Your participation in PetroPages.com will be the most cost-effective marketing tool you will use. .
QAxchange...the Supply-Chain Consultants Network. Submit one request to get multiple quotes from our nationwide network of CWI's, NDT/NDE consultants, inspectors, expeditors, auditors, surveyors, trainers
Robvon Backing Ring Co.
Backing Ring (Weld or Chill) used to join pipes together for easy, economical, timesaving sit-up. Consumable Inserts available. Squares available for structural building
Son Set Consultants
Auditing/Inspection/Expediting/Consulting Services API Qualified Surveyor - Qualified in 1991 API 510 (Authorized Pressure Vessel Inspector) - Certified in 1993 AWS CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) - Certified in 1990
manpower Supply
providing manpower supply for offshore and onshore project for pipeline,jacket,hook-up