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All Serv Business Solutions LLC
Integrated management and administration of processes are some of the challenges that developing companies encounter. ALL SERV offers support in the implantation and integration of quality systems by systematically evaluating the development processes to attain the level of acceptance sought by a client.
Arc Logic
Arc Logic is a leader in the desing, manufacture and application of sensors, monitors and controls for arc welding systems. Arc Logic products and services are used in the automotive, aerospace and heavy manufacturing industries. Equipment and Facilities: GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SMAW and PAW equipment two axis articulated arm robots complete welding process instrumentation video cameras and optics oscilloscopes, DVMs, test equipment electronics development and assembly lab image processing hardware and software LAN connected PC workstations fully equipped software development lab.
BAKER Consulting Company
Nondestructive Examination (VT-MT-PT-RT-UT-LT)and NDE Level III services (SNT-TC-1A; CP-189; AWS QC2-93; MIL-Std. 410). Materials joining Welding-Brazing-Soldering-Bonding) WPS/BPS procedure development and personnel qualification services. Quality Assurance/Quality Control Programs.
Baker Consulting Company
Develop and implement Nuclear Industry QA/QC/NDE/Materials Joining programs as applied to new construction, operation, maintenance, steam generator replacement, decommissioning, and Nuclear Fuel Dry Cask Storage systems. Assist with NADCAP NDT Audits and Aerospace Company NDT program complianc.
Brazing -- Kay & Associates
Provide help in designing assemblies for brazing, and solve problems in aerospace brazing. Conduct regional brazing seminars and in-house customized training seminars. 25-yrs hands-on experience in vacuum, atmosphere-retort, induction, and torch (flame) brazing.
CBI International
We provide inspection, training, consulting, in Nondestructive testing we are Certified as AWS CWI weld inspectors and ASNT NDT Level III. 425-802-3337
Industrial Alloy Fabricators, Inc.
IAF provide customers with over 25 years of experience, dependable quality, reliable service and on-time deliveries.
JP Welding & Consulting
Investment casting repairs and welding. We provide services to improve weldability of your castings and your welders' performance.
Lean Concepts Consulting
QA programs and procedures. Prepare for ISO-9001 compliance,10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1, ANSI N45.2 Audit services.ISO, Nuclear(NUPIC, NIAC).
Metal Solutions Design and Fabrication LLC
We offer a wide spectrum of products and services ranging from simple welding to nuclear waste containment containers and are a leading manufacturer of ground support equipment. Unique to our organization is our ability to custom-fabricate and design equipment that meets our customers’ specifications. Our prototyping capabilities coupled with our high-quality, manufacturing processes enable us to provide above average turnaround times on both short and production-run metal fabricated products.
Robvon Backing Ring Co.
Backing Ring (Weld or Chill) used to join pipes together for easy, economical, timesaving sit-up. Consumable Inserts available. Squares available for structural building
OEM Aerospace, Overhaul and Repair, expert in blade hardfacing, superalloys, process procedures. Ask us about the many automation projects completed. Nuclear power generation and propulsion power equipment and remote operations.
Weld Specialties
Weld Specialties cosmetic tig welding/ aerospace specialist