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We provide Audit consultation, CWI Inspections, Nondestructive testing, Metallurgical investigations, NDT equipment Calibration services, Code consultation, Welding and NDT inspection training in the NY metropolitan area.
Argyll Consulting Services
We provide Welding Applications and Engineering Services including technical consulting, problem solving, process development, training and engineering services.We provide practical cost effective solutions to your welding and joining problems
Atema Inc.
Atema offers public and private seminars in quality and fabricator certification. Very special class, Continuing education (30 hours) for CWIs including quality tools.
Atema Inc.
Atema provides private and public training and consulting assistance to the construction and manufacturing sector in quality and compliance.
BETZ Engineering & Technology Zone
BETZ gives you professional training to prepare you for the AWS/CWI certifications. Training offered as a 6 day seminar followed by Exams.
BMT Fleet Technology Ltd
BMT provides materials and welding technology engineering services, including Fatigue & Fracture Analysis of Ship Structures courses, welder training and productivity/process enhancement services.
Brazing -- Kay & Associates
Regional brazing seminars and in-house customized training seminars by Dan Kay. 25-yrs hands-on training experience in vacuum,atmosphere-retort, induction, and torch (flame) brazing.
Brazing -- Kay & Associates
Torch brazing certification to AWS C3.4 and D10.13. Training programs done per certification requirements of AWS B2.2. Applies to brazers doing HVAC, refrigeration, and medical-gas pipe/tubing installations. Over 35-years experience in brazing training.
Bumgarner Welding & Inspection Inc
Business and Industrial Training
Industrial Welding Training For maintenance mechanics who need to learn welding theory. Industrial Welding Training helps plant maintenance workers develop a working knowledge of and learn the theory behind gas and arc welding techniques and equipment, and the cutting of iron, steel, pipe, and nonferrous metals. Trainees receive an overview of basic mathematics, print reading, and safety, followed by the fundamentals of metallurgy, electricity, and weld inspection see www.workforcedevelopment.com
CT Industries
We specialize in welder qualification testing, welder training and process/system consultation for individuals and organizations looking for ways to improve the bottom line!
CT Industries
We specialize in welder qualification testing, welder training and process/system consultation for individuals and organizations looking for ways to improve the bottom line!
CTC of Lackawanna county
Training and testing to AWS and ASME specifications. Customized offerings available.
Clad Technologies Inc.
Over 30 years experience in hardfacing and wear. Clad Technologies provides online training (Teleclasses) for Salesmen, Distributors, and OEM in the area of hardfacing products, procedures and welding metallurgy. A great way to train your personnel.
EAS Training & Consulting Services
Training for braze operators- in-plant Test and certification of welders- Application consulting- Wayne Engeron CWI / CWE / ASNT II
Provides world-class technical capability in joining technology through a full range of technical services, contract R&D, testing, and professional training for the nation's leading manufacturers and energy producers.
Engineered Alloys / systems & Supply Inc.
Training and certification for brazing and soldering applications. Automated tube and pipe welding specialist.
GKI-Welding Technology AS
World wide welding education in all welding methodes.
Global Training Alliance
A Technical On Site Training Company, Specializing in various types of welding technology, to include tool and die welding, maintenance welding, welding certification training, metal forming, and other related industrial courses. GTA provides the highest quality technical training and consulting services tailored to your company's and employee's needs. GTA will enhance the knowledge, skills, and performance of your employees and company.
Greenfield Professional Services LLC
Professional/technical training in: welding engineering, welding quality, manufacturing engineering, design for manufacturability, visual examination/NDE, and Certified Welding Inspector preparation
IQC, Inc.
IQC provides training & coaching in ISO 9000, Ts 16949, TQM, AS9100, Lean, Six Sigma and Team Development.
International Training Services, Inc.
International Training Services, Inc. is a training provider for NCCER Pipeliner Certification. NCCER, in cooperation with American Petroleum Institute (API), has developed the Pipeliner Training and Assessment Program (PTAP). The PTAP consists of Pipeliner Curriculum and Pipeline Skills Assessments to qualify pipeline personnel under the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) new regulation for Pipeline Operator Qualification. The Pipeline Assessments are tied directly to NCCER’s standardized Pipeline Curriculum and will determine qualification on selected covered tasks as identified by API and the industry.
JP Welding & Consulting
Investment casting welding and repairs. We provide ideas, recommendations, researches, and proposals for difficult cast alloys.
Joining Technologies,LLC
The leader in precision metal joining, offering high quality, low cost job shop services and training for EB, Laser, Plasma, GTAW and Resistance welding disciplines.
Kalva Institute of NDT
for your training , examination and certificatio needs as per ASNT , level III services and manpower placement from indian sub continent. programmes offered at our place and your place too
Lynnes Welding Training
Lynnes welding training is a state of the art training facility. We offer courses in G.M.A.W.,G.T.A.W.,S.M.A.W. We certify welders to A.W.S. and A.S.M.E. codes.
Lynnes Welding Training
Lynnes welding training is a state of the art training facility. We offer courses in GMAW,GTAW,SMAW. We certify welders to AWS and ASME codes.
MQC Labs, Inc.
Nondestructive Testing: VT,PT,MT,ET,UT & RT shop & field. Approved AWS Welder Test Facility
NDE Consulting
NDE Consulting provides Level III training procedures and third party review services for Nondestructive testing methods, Radiography, Ultrasound, Magnetic Particle, Penetrant, Eddy Current and Visual.
NDT Consulting Group
NDT-CGI provides training, administrative, qualification and consulting services in nondestructive testing.
National Inspection & Consultants, Inc.
Provides quality management and employee concerns program consulting, inspection, auditing, training, nondestructive testing and technical personnel staffing primarily to engineering, automotive, power utility, manufacturing, aerospace, chemical, industrial and construction companies.
National Technology Transfer, Inc.
NTT provides hands-on industrial technical training in maintenance, repair and operations subjects including welding principles, practices and procedures, nationwide for over 23 years.
Organismo Mexicano de Certificación en Soldadura S.C.
The organism plays a pivotal role in the Welding Industry in México because it is the prime center of the certification for labored competence (welders, inspectors, tack welders, supervisors, and educators) and welding services. It also offers technical assistance, inspection and consultant services in all welding fields.
Palm Beach Community College Welding
We offer full time/part time training programs,day night,weekends and AWS SENSE Certification for structural/pipe qualification.We have classes for people with no experience and can teach anyone who wants to learn how to weld for hobby,art,or for the experienced who want to earn more or hone thier skills.
Plastic Welding School Inc.
PWS Inc. offers training, consulting and a certification in thermoplastic welding, including hot gas welding and plastic extrusion welding with many types of plastics.
Plumstead Quality and Training Services
NDT Level III consulting services. NDT Level I and Level II training in radiography, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and visual testing. Expert witness.
Proactive Welding Zone, Inc.
Customized training and certification in a variety of welding techniques and processes from beginners to advance ranges.
Quality Quest Consulting
Providing consulting services for structural steel fabricators, bridge fabricators, and steel erectors: AISC certification & pre-assessment audits, empoloyee training & safety
Quality Services International
Training and Certification Services to improve Quality and Environmental Management Systems. Courses and Assessments are conducted for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, QS 9000, TL 9000, AS 9100, SA 8000.
RSA Reliability and Maintenance Consultancy Firm
We are a training and consulting firm that provides world class training and seminar on Reliability and Maintenance Best Practices
Real Educational Services, Inc.
Providing real training experiences leading to performance of real jobs in welding and welding inspection such as CWI Preparatory, Film Interpretation, NDE & Quality Control.
Real Educational Services, Inc.
Providing advanced training for welding inspectors focusing on hands-on exercises and practical application from analyzing job specifications to final weld inspection.
Robles Consulting
CWI/CWE in various welding processes. QA/QC subcontracting to Engineers, weld inspection, PQR's, WPS's, WQR's, third party inspections,consulting, OSHA outreach training, certified welding, bilingual consulting/training (english/spanish)maquiadora/manufacturer welding consulting in US & Mexico. AWS Affiliate Company Member.
Analysis of training needs, customized training programs, written practices and procedures, hands on training supervision. EB, GMAW, GTAW, RW, PAW.
STS Welding Consultation
Technical welding and NDE Consulting/inspection /3rd party services to the Bridge, Building, power industries. AISC audit program establishement and hands on welder training/inspector training to engineering and construction companies.
Smart Associates Inc.
SAI Ofers Technical Training Courses for Level I, Level II and Level III qualifications in RT, MT, PT, VT, UT, Eddy Current, Radiation Safety Courses for Radiographer (IRRSP) and RSO and AWS CWI Examinations. SAI Provides services for procedures and program development and NDT and Radiation Safety RSO, NDT Consulting and Level III Out sid agency services.
Son Set Consultants
Inspection / Auditing / Training / Testing Services API 510, AWS CWI, Mechanical Journeyman NGP PP - State of Okla
Son Set Consultants
Computer based - AWS CWI Exam Preparation Class. The training arrives via an emailed link sent to you only. The link will automatically start your training (no need for any software).
Tech Aid Quality Managers & Consultant
Consultants specializing in Materials, Manufacturing and Construction Processes, Personnel Training and Qualification, Operations Management, and AWS/ASME/API Code for Steel Manufacturing and Construction.
Update Technology
Specializing in automotive resistance welding applications, training and start-up assistance.
Get it right the first time. Patented tube and pipe alignment tools that can reduce x-ray rejection due to mis-alignment to nil while increasing productivity and safety. Light weight hand tools used by U S Navy-shipyards, Power (fossil & nuclear), Paper, Petro-chemical, and all processing industries. Serving the USA and international areas. Rounds out thin wall stainless & other pipes. On the job training available.
WJM Technologies
We provide on-site classroom and hands-on training in resistance welding, laser welding, welding metallurgy, and Design of Experiments.
Weld Inspection Training
Visual weld inspection training customized to your company requirements. On-line services also available. CWI, QC and welder/welder operator training modules.
Welding Consultant Services, Inc.
Serving Chicagoland and surrounding areas. AWS CWI/WE ; 30 years teaching experience in welding and manufacturing processes disciplines. Specializing in certification, procedure qualifications and inspection. MS in Ind. Technology.
Welding Training Solutions, Inc.
We provide on-site welding training services including welder certification training and testing, structural and pipe welding training, tool & die repair, and maintenance welding training.
Welding Training Solutions, Inc.
We provide on-site welding training services including welder certification training and testing, structural and pipe welding training, tool & die repair, maintenance welding, and welder safety training.
Weldmasters & Assoc., LLC
Training and educational welding process CDs to be used in sales or training.Using exceptionally clear photos,sound,animation and movie clips helps with an immediate understandinig of the specific weld process.
Wilson Welding Services
On-site welder training, problem solving, maintenance repair, safety, metallurgy, machine technology and custom & portable welding applications.
Wilsons Welding Services
Custom Fabrication and maintenance repair of stuctural materials and pipe. SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, CNC plasma and Flame cutting. Custom Welder training provided on-site or at my facility.
Work for Wisconsin, Inc.
Provide welding training and job placement to disadvantaged low-income residents. Provide employer retention services to companies who hire WFW's trainees.
Work for Wisconsin, Inc.
Provide welding training and job placement services to disadvantaged low-income residents. Provide employer retention services to companies who hire WFW's trainees.
We are an independent training and technical consulting organisation related to all aspects of welding engineering, welding inspection and non destructive testing technology. Training has been an integral part of the technological development of welding and allied technologies in the last 50 years or so and is the principal focus of the services provided by Weld-Class-Solutions. Our training business is, complemented by technical welding engineering solutions, provided by International Institute of Welding and European Welding Federation qualified Welding Engineers.