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Arc Logic
Arc Logic is a leader in the design, manufacture and application of sensors, monitors and controls for arc welding systems. Arc Logic products and services are used in automotive, aerospace and heavy manufacturing industries. Arc Logic is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by R. Bruce Madigan.
Bosch Rexroth Corporation
Bosch Rexroth offers all drive and control technologies and is an extensive supplier of components and systems for industrial and factory automation and mobile applications.
Coil Joining Technology
Consultant and OEM for Coil Joining Equipment and application to Strip Process, Welded Tube / Pipe. All weldable materials: 0.005" to 1.00" thick X 0.250" to 120" wide.
D/F Machine Specialties Inc.
manufactures MIG & TIG Water/Air-Cooled, Semi-Automatic, Automatic, Robotic Welding Guns and Machine Barrels.
Dalsin Industries
Full service sheet metal fabricators, robotic welding, punching, lasering, bending and assembly.
Engineered Alloys & Systems Inc.
Consultants for Orbital tube and pipe welding systems.Any type of automation for MIG - TIG applications used in manufacturing. Wayne Engeron , CWI /CWE
Engineered Alloys / systems & Supply Inc.
Specialist in automated brazing, soldering and welding systems.Application analysis by staff engineers.CWI / CWE available for application survey.
Isotek supply advanced automated TIG and Plasma equipment using Cartesian manipulators (6-Axis typically) for precision multi-axis multi-weld applications.
MC PRO-FUSION "Consultant for Welding and Manufacturing" We are dedicated in offering a wide range of services; which unquestionably makes us unique from other consultants. Our vast experience in the welding industry, accompanied with a strong technical and metallurgical background gives us this edge. The services that we offer include: Consulting for welding and manufacturing Speciality welding services Quality pipe welding Inspection services and quality audits Weld automation and robotics Welder training and instruction Equipment sales Material Sales
Nizick Engineering Services, Inc.
World Class Welding and Manufacturing Contract Engineering Services. Project Management responsibilities for implementing automated welding systems, production trouble shooting, expert technical witness and more!
Orbimatic GmbH
German manufacturer of Orbital TIG Welding Equipmwnt looking to find a US Agent.
Roboweld Inc.
Welding is what we are all about. From in-depth productivity analysis to trouble-shooting, we can offer a shop floor solution that works utilizing a combined 60 years of practical & technical experience.
Automation and robotics integration, process development, equipment acquisition and tooling asssistance. Investment studies, equipment selection and start-up or existing systems performance improvement.
Semtorq, Inc.
Semtorq specializes in: * Welding and Assembly Machines * Engineered ceramics * Automatic Tip Dressers and Electrode Changers * Engineering services * Contract Machining
Tennessee Rand Inc.
Leading North American supplier of automated welding systems, full service automation integrator with core competencies in advanced welding system design, high-end weld fixtures, robotic integration, process automation.
Zeus Robotics
Zeus Robotics is a robotic welding automation and consulting company located in southeast Ohio.
Zeus Robotics
We provide technical support to the robotics industry through various channels including sales, engineering consulting, training, sample work, and research and development.
We assist our clients in becoming more profitable by providing our knowledge, technology, and expertise, to develop and implement solutions that deliver significant competitive advantages.