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PACWI - Pan American Coalition of Welding Institution
The organization's primary mission is to promote unity and cooperation in all phases of the industry, as well as to share technology and experience. Its preeminent goal is to expand, guide and standardize the practice of welding and joining using AWS Standards throughout the hemisphere.
POCWA - Pacific Ocean Coalition of Welding Associations
An alliance of educational, professional and scientific organizations representative of nations in and surrounding the Pacific Ocean. Its members are committed to progress through the uniform promotion and development of materials joining technology.
WEMCO - Welding Equipment Manufacturters Committee
WEMCO is a standing committee of the American Welding Society dedicated to providing senior management members of manufacturers servicing the welding industry a forum to: Promote plans and programs which benefit their understanding of welding equipment market trends and needs. Share solutions to current industry, organizational, and business problems/opportunities. Promote their products and services worldwide. Provide a common voice to the welding industry, government bodies, and technical standards organizations worldwide. Enhance the image of welding as a career choice and as an industry cruicial to the building and maintaining of the worlds economic infrastructure.
WIN - Welding Industry Network
The Mission of the Welding Industry Network, a Standing Committee of the American Welding Society, is to provide a forum for industry leaders to identify best practices and to address materials-joining managerial, scientific, technical, and operational issues that impact competitiveness.