AWS Awards Programs

AWS Awards Programs

The AWS Awards are designed to recognize men and women in the industrial, education and research communities who have made distinctive contributions to advance the science, technology and application of welding and allied processes, including joining, brazing and soldering, cutting and thermal spraying.

Award recipients are selected by the AWS Awards Committee and its Subcommittees, Standing Committees specially designated by subject recognition, and through District and Section activities.

Award categories include lecture awards, education/meritorious/service awards, Welding Journal paper awards, awards recognizing outstanding achievements, and AWS Counselor and Fellow recognitions. Due to the selection and administration of the awards, some are restricted from public nominations.

How to find an award

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Download all awards and descriptions in our National Awards Recognitions Directory (pdf).

Honorary/Meritorious Awards Committee
  • Honorary Membership Award
  • International Meritorious Certification Award
  • William Irrgang Memorial Award
  • National Meritorious Certification Award
  • George E. Willis Award
Education/Meritorious/Service Awards
  • Adams Memorial Membership Award
  • Howard E. Adkins Memorial Instructor Membership Award
  • Samuel Wylie Miller Memorial Medal Award
  • Private Sector Instructor Membership Award
  • R. D. Thomas Memorial Award
  • Elihu Thomson Resistance Welding Award
Welding Journal Paper Awards
Lecture Award Category
  • Comfort A. Adams Lecture Award
  • Plummer Memorial Education Lecture Award
Awards Recognizing Outstanding Achievements
  • Robert J. Conkling Memorial Award
  • AWS Extraordinary Welding Awards
  • Poster Session Awards
  • Dalton E. Hamilton Memorial National CWI of the Year Award
  • Professor Koichi Masubuchi Award
  • Robotic and Automatic Arc Welding Award
  • Kenneth L. Brown Memorial Safety and Health Award
  • Excellence in Welding Awards
  • Distinguished Welder Award
  • AWS Counselor
  • AWS Fellow