Section Toolkit

Section Toolkit

The AWS Section Toolkit includes a wide variety of resources to assist Section officers and teams in organizing and operating day-to-day Section activities. Just a few of the components you’ll find:

  • "How-to" manuals
  • Practical, time-saving templates for letters, award certificates and for recording meeting minutes
  • Valuable advice on the purpose and importance of District Conferences, and why your Section should be represented
  • Proven ideas for upcoming meetings and events from attendees who have participated in past Leadership Symposiums
  • Plus many more helpful tools

We welcome your suggestions:
If you have recommendations on additions to the Section Toolkit, or if your Section uses a template you believe would be helpful to other Sections, please share your ideas with us. Contact Rhenda Kenny at 800-443-9353 x 260 or

  • Section, International Section and Student Chapter annual report forms

  • Description, criteria and nomination forms for awards Section/District/National awards

  • Purpose and importance of District Conferences, and why your Section should attend

  • Variety of forms and templates for Section use

  • Annual event held in Miami (Doral), Florida

  • Annual event held in Miami (Doral), Florida

  • Sample letter templates for day-to-day Section use

  • Section organization and operations manuals

  • Increase attendance by awarding PDHs
  • Section-sponsored best practices

  • Postcard templates
  • Take advantage of the online Section Tool
  • Information on mailing labels, electronic rosters, "hot sheets," and roster changes

  • AWS Welder Training Scholarship Overview
  • Welder Training Scholarship Application
  • Welder Training Scholarship Notification Form
  • Welder Training Scholarship Group Notification Form

  • Useful links
  • Purchasing AWS publications as a fundraiser
  • Publication resell policy
  • Section websites

  • AWS Section Logos

  • Insightful AWS videos