I am a Student

I am a Student

Specialized Resources For Students:
Building Your Successful Welding Career

Choosing welding as your career is among the smartest decisions you’ll ever make; the industry’s employment demand, earnings potential, opportunities and technological progress just keep growing! Explore these resources recommended by your AWS team to help you along the way:



Even seasoned welders continue to be amazed at all the new welding opportunities today. Which ones are right for you? Where do you start? What can you expect? And what should you know before you begin? Don’t miss this helpful guide:



Dive deep beneath the surface or soar to outer space…you won’t believe the exciting places welding can take you:



Network with potential employers, mingle with fellow students and see the next-gen technology that will power welding’s future at FABTECH, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. This is where 27,000 welding professionals meet to expand their expertise. Don’t miss it:



Are you up to speed on all the facets of thermal spray technology? From advanced uses of robotics; improving coating yield through powder feed optimization; recycling thermal spray overspray dust; and applying thermal spray anodic coatings to less than ideally prepared surfaces, there’s a lot more than you think. Learn more at the Thermal Spray Technology conference at FABETECH:



Earning your specialized welding certification can boost salary and job stability. Plus the certification is 100% yours: it’s fully transferrable and stays with you, not your employer:



Schools Excelling through National Skills Standards Education (SENSE) features comprehensive standards and guidelines for welding education.  Locate your nearest SENSE school here:


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